Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing in particular

After starting the blog and posting some memories and other posts, I seem to have developed a writers block. More to do with what topic to pick up and write about. Once I think up something and some one else has already written about it. It will then seem that I'm plagiarizing others ideas.

Like for example I thought of writing about something about the alumni group of my batch of 1984 of my school in Dombivli. Kavi has already beat me to the post by writing a very beautiful article about his school days. Therefore I shall defer this time and write about it later. I will also keep posts about my memories to some day later.

I have discovered one thing after the initial euphoria of starting a blog, that I do not have the natural flair which either Kavi or Ugich Konitari have. I simply do not have that bent of mind where I can convert ordinary day to day happenings into stories with morals and ethics.

Now, now, do not get happy that I'm closing down my blog. I do intend to bore all of you in the coming days by posting more unintelligible wanderings of my mind and these wanderings might end up looking like they have been expressed during a LSD trip. Not that I have ever experienced one, on the contrary I have read so much about it that I do not wish to experience one.

I also do not have the insightful way of looking into things in the way which Vivek-Uvach and iyer-n-higher do with their long expereince of human psychology.

Therefore I forge ahead bravely ( do not know if foolishly) thinking that you all will keep coming back to read my postings.

I had been browsing through an interesting blog by Prem Panicker called smoke signals where he writes about cricket, politics and generally the current affairs situation. He had given a link to the ten best short stories selected by Tehelka magazine for the year gone by. I read one of them by Manjula Padmanabhan. It is lovely story where she metaphorically uses a vampire from Europe to replace the terrorism and terrorists coming to country to create chaos. It is a great story in the context of the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. Have a read and do comment on how you liked it.

Happy reading!!!


  1. You are very kind ! And when you put me right up there with Ugich Konitari or Vivek-Uvaach or Iyer-n-higher..well, i get the jitters.

    Also, i see that you have completed a full post with 'nothing in particular' as your central theme. That is indeed way to go !

    I will keep coming back here. For it is in your story that my story comes alive. And it is in mine that yours does. And therefore, i would encourage you to write about your Dombivili 1984 ! I would love to read it..and maybe what were not important in my times were indeed so in yours..!! And so on. Plagirising doesnt happen here..for it is ones unique story ! however similar they are.

    And one writes for telling the world..a story. That would inspire and a very unique way.

    Keep writing Ganesh !

    And by the way, Writers Block, is a universal phenomenon ! And that comes only to a writer ! So you having written that you have a 'writers block'...well the question is not about whether you are a writer or otherwise..the more it is to remove a block !!

    So..i look forward to reading your story..!

  2. Why does this remind me of a wedding "pangat" where , when the delicacies come around the second time, the person eating, politely says. "no, no", while simultaneously holding out the plate in front ? :-)

  3. Ganesh, I just had (what I think) is a great inspiration :-) Do a blog about your childhood in Dombivli, and call it "Dombivli Slow".....I for one would simply wait to read it !

  4. Ganesh, you write well. Your easy flow and humility will take you places.
    The very fact you have seen the brickwall(block), you have arrived. Most fail to seeit, much less accept it.

    All the best. See you more often in 2009.

  5. Kavi : Thank you for your kind words. I do intend to continue writing. Your words are encouragement enough.

    Ugich Konitari : Dear Madam, that analogy was great. I will write about my childhood in Dombivli. Those memories are not enough to start a blog by themselves, but I will pen them down in this blog.

    NS Iyer : Dear Sir, thanks for those kind words.


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